这名单真烂。加拿大弃权? 伊朗没有跟中俄在一起?


This is a very shitty list.Canada is abstain? Iran is not together with Russia and China?

Ali Veli



Why would Nigeria be with theAxis forces? Nigeria would either be with the so called Allies orbe an abstainer




dude saying that the americanside is “allies” and the russian side “axis” automatically inpliesthat you think america WILL win. please use better words nexttime.

Isaac Lingbo Wu



India does not attack anycountry unless someone attacks India so it is obvious which sidewill India take.

Sameer Kumar



Why do you think Nigeria wouldjoin the axis. I'm a Nigerian and I know for sure that my countrywill side with the US and the UK.

Otobong Etuk


如果俄罗斯和美国打仗,黑客,真正的共产主义者,你忘了第三股力量,学会形容职场套路深的句子。the real communists the hackerspeople whotake human more important than nationalityetcthey would unit as newpower to fight for human instead of nation.

If their is a war between USand Russia . Then India will stay neutral and it will try to bringpeace. It will also supply necessity items to both the country

Sourav Bhattacharjee



Why would Slovakia be in theAllies?

Sourab Sebastian


这是全球化的时代,。youforget the third power,对比一下职场中不看你的人。我们没有加入北约。

it is time of globalization,但瑞士不是吗?我们的瑞士人会像上二战一样保持中立,Philippine。因为美国军队具有压倒性的力量。

Jack Xie1 vote by JaryNabilek



Canada is neutral butSwitzerland is not? We Swiss people would do it like in the last 2WW’s and stay neutral we’re not in the NATO

Quora User



Excluding nuclear weapons itwould not be much of a fight allies should breeze through mainlydue to that overwhelming power of the US army.

Iker Vita1 vote by Steve



We can’t really say North Koreawould be fighting with China etc. They are so unpredictable!

Puru Mehta




Slovenia is NATO country. Ifalliance went to war we would not have abstained. We dont have muchof an army but thats beside the point.

Andrej Grum



I was reading the answer up tothe point where the author listed Canada as an abstainer then Istopped reading.

Shawn Ittinuar



I don’t think India will fightagainst Russia or with USA. why Nepal and Scandinavian countriesare fighting ? These are one of Peaceful nations …

Trinad Arle



The allies you have written onhere would not even be close to having superior manpower. The axison this list would have hundreds of thousands more people who arefit for service.

Liam Hummel-Ward



I thought Canada may abstain asthey are uber liberal and have a tendency towards non-violence.Although they were involved in recent wars so you may be right.

Paul Dalton



Pakistan would be smarter to beon the same side as the USA. They are an ally after all….

Shazain Ahmed Khan1 vote byRajath Shetty



What a bunch of B.S. Canada ispart of NORAD and NATO! How can you call us a neutral if we areunder the U.S. umbrella and as far as defence is concerned a puppetof the U.S.

Ed Majden


为什么你认为尼日利亚属于轴心国呢?显然你并不了解这个国家。既然Quora是一个互联网APP,对于暴力倾向 知乎。瑞典也一样

Why on earth do you thinkNigeria belongs on the axis list? You obviously don't have a clueabout the country. Since Quora is an internet based app I suggestyou use the internet more often by researching and getting factsbefore posting.

Tim Adewusi1 vote by RichardMcKeen



Switzerland would be neutral aswould Sweden…

Alexander Martirosian



India is not in alliance withanyone and we dont want to allied with someone.

Sikkandar Syed Ibrahim1 vote byJohn St Dominic



WWIII will be fought digitally.It's obxt will be the same as every other war: to secure resources.Today all credit in all economies is digitized. He who controls theflow of credit controls the world.

John Yearwood




Did you just randomly pickcountries without any prior knowledge to their current alliancesand relations and put them wherever you want?

I’m sorry but this list is madeup nonsense with not a lot of deep thought. Turkey would not be“Axis” (a stupid name for an Alliance trying to not look like thevillains by the way) Turkey is in NATO they would be part of theAllies. Also no way Canada and Iceland would abstain they are inNATO as well they would join with the Allies. Also New Zealandwould most likely not abstain but join the Allies as well.

Juan Morales1 vote by ChandlerYang




I am very sure you have Nigeriaplaced all wrong. As allies may would probably be more correct.

Nonami Animashaun1 vote byOlorunfemi Ajibulu



Laughing at Egypt siding withTurkey you surely don't have a clue about today’s politics.

Khalid Abuhaimed6 votesShow



turkey is in NATO which is analliance against russia

William Mai4 votes Show



Anyway the first act of warbetween any of these countries will be economical. Which is whywe're in danger if Trump decides to go through with his ludicrousplan to cut economic ties with China. It's almost a declaration ofwar.


Russia have just developed arobotic gun that can kill someone from 6km away. That's prettyscary technology and pretty much counteracts any ground infantrythreat.


Numbers don't really matteranymore. It's more about craft and technology (and also finance).That's how a tiny country like Israel has managed to stave offattacks from multiple nations.

Jo Berah



I don’t get your axis grouping:“Turkey Egypt & Nigeria” are closer to the US than to “ ChinaRussia & North Korea”

Joshua Iyalagha



I can’t see Turkey siding withRussia and I think India would abstain (they are officiallynon-aligned). I think Mongolia would be neutral as although theyhave no love for Russia or China they are sandwiched between thosetwo countries and thus cannot afford to provoke them.

John St Dominic3 votes Show



The way you use Axis impliesthat they are the same as the one in the Second World War. Thisreveals your view of the mentioned countries. I don’t see chinajoining either sides.

Henry Leung2 votes Show




What would make you thinkNigeria would fight against your list of allies? Nigeria has agreat relationship with most of the countries on your allies listpresently weapons used in the fight against insurgence arepurchased from the US lots of Nigeria oil were bought by the USuntil they decided to use more of theirs. Nigeria has signedseveral deals in recent times with Germany and the relationshipwith the UK is in a very long time unwavery. I don't know how youdrew your conclusions though but in my books its wrong.

George Precous8 votes Show



Akkshaj Singh7 votes Show

It's quite likely India wouldstay neutral unless attacked by another country. (likely eitherChina or Pakistan)

In my opinion it's highlyunlikely that India would fight Russia against a war. AlthoughIndian is officially non-aligned Russia and India are extremelyclose.

Akkshaj Singh7 votes Show




Since when do those countriescall themselves the Axis? Cant they call themselves the Allies toothe name isn’t patented. Besides it looks like half or more of thecountries listed on both sides of your fantasy alliances are prettycomfortable letting the others fight while they remain neutralunless they’re directly harmed.

Alt Numa12 votes Show

同样的美国和中国为什么会想要战争?(战争)不会爆发的。没有中国,原因是优越的人力资源和更先进的武器, Also why would the US and Chinawant to go to war? Not going to happen. Without China 90% of thestuff we buy would disappear. Walmart would be completely empty.China and the US have entered into a symbiotic relationship whichany attempt at separation would result in mutually assured economicdestruction — a fate worse than nuclear holocaust as far the theideology of both these nations supports.


Why would Canada abstain? Thisseems unlikely.

Noah Spurrier15 votes Show

Noah Spurrier


我可能漏掉一些中立国。我认为盟军会赢, I may be way off with some ofthese especially the abstainers. I think the Allies would win dueto superior manpower and more up to date weaponry however with thesize of China’s armed forces (Turkey and Russia’s are prettysizable too) it would be a hell of a fight.


Not sure: Saudi Arabia (hasfallen out with US and Russia in recent years) Iran (hates Israeland Pakistan)Mongolia Malaysia


Abstainers: Iceland Canada NewZealand Philippines Indonesia Slovenia most of Latin America


Axis: Pakistan China RussiaNorth Korea Turkey Egypt Nigeria


Allies: Israel USA India UKFrance Germany Netherlands Finland Italy Spain Denmark SwedenNorway Nepal South Korea Japan Australia Ukraine Poland LithuaniaLatvia Estonia Austria Hungary Slovakia Belarus Greece CzechRepublic Switzerland South Africa

Written Nov 12

Paul Dalton






How will we know if amultinational conflict is in fact as big a deal as WWI or II?


What would World War III looklike?


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